Your gifting & your fire has a purpose

Has the God birthed a heart of worship in you?

You can be part of establishing 

'church deconstructed'....

Whats it all about?

It all starts with worship


If you have ever gone deeper into the Holy Spirit, you'll know our calling is to worship Him in all that we do.  Coming together as a community of worshipers, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, together we'll be better equipped to live as he calls us and in His strength; knowing His grace is more than enough in our short comings.  There are many forms of worship; Music, media, production, creative arts, finance, business, just to name a few, as each is called.....

Creative expression


There are many ways God has gifted us to express whats on our heart.  Each of us is called to bring joy to others through our own unique language. To preach everywhere and use words when necessary through the anointing of the Holy Spirit; positioned to be an expression of Gods power and love.  Through the vulnerability of our heart, they might see our brokenness but even more so our brokenness testifies to the blood He shed for us, the blood they so desperately need!

Church deconstructed


An initiative established by the Holy Spirit through you!  That's right, the seed of Heart for Worship has just been planted and we're looking to establish a 'core group' who wish to be part of its inception, its foundations.  If you have a Holy Spirit fire or hunger for a Holy Spirit fire, then you're the right fit!  No matter what that looks like, you can be part of establishing this new initiative.  Register for the info session to get greater insight into how God is calling you to be a part.


 Saturday 7th December 2019, arrive 2.30pm for amazing coffee, cakes & fellowship, 3pm start, Timber Cafe, 51 Wright St, Harrisdale 

or register here for ongoing updates


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Please pray into this event, our desire is that His will be done, not ours

Your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven

Heart for worship

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Not affiliated with any church or denomination, just the family of Christ as one body